Sorabol promotes authentic Korean cuisine and culture to the world.
Our staff is proud to be Korean cultural ambassadors.


Sorabol is a proud partner of Hanwoori(韓宇利) Food Service, established in 1981, in Korea. Together we introduce authentic Korean cuisine throughout the world.
Since the opening of its first branch in the central area of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong in 1993, Sorabol has opened restaurants in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. We work in conjunction with Beijing Sorabol to lead the promotion of Korean cuisine in China and elsewhere.

Sorabol was a name of the city, Kyung-ju, which was the capital of Shilla Dynasty, the first nation to achieve unification of Korea, and the name of today's capital, Seoul originates from it. Succeeding the reputation of the ancient Sorabol, the capital of the first ancient unified Korea and the era of thriving culture, Sorabol strives to spread the beauty and taste of Korea to the world. Our brand logo is an image of the equestrian statue, the 91st national treasure which symbolizes the cultural prosperity in Shilla Dynasty, emphasizing the service of the best quality we provide.

Hong Kong Sorabol is 新羅寶 in Chinese. It means the treasure of Shilla and also attributes to the similar pronunciation in Cantonese. While in Beijing, Sorabol writes 薩羅伯爾 in Chinese. Since when the first branch opened in Beijing in 1991, the name, 薩羅伯爾, was chosen to match the closest pronunciation in Mandarin. As the Original Sorabol Chinese Character, 徐羅伐 is not easy to pronounce in Hong Kong or China. Therefore the members of Sorabol are welcomed to 韓宇利 in Korea, 薩羅伯爾 in Beijing and 新羅寶 in Hong Kong and other cities of Guangdong province in southern China.

Sorabol is largely publicized through the press in Hong Kong and China, due partly by the frequent visit of Korea pop stars and celebrities to our restaurants. Sorabol was selected by the Health Department of Hong Kong as the cleanest restaurant and was awarded with a trophy. The Hong Kong Tourism Association has recommended Sorabol as the best restaurant in Hong Kong. Sorabol has also received other recommendations from various local press and magazines in Shenzhen and Guangzhou of China which are make our restaurant known as the finest Korean restaurant in Hong Kong and China Region.

Sorabol has participated in the annual cooking competition organized by a local publication. Sorabol received the first prize in 2009 for our Royal Steamed Beef Rib Stew and in 2012 for our delicious JeonJu Bibimbab.
The Causeway Bay branch in Hong Kong was listed in the world’s most prestigious restaurant publication, The Michelin Guide, in 2011 and 2013. In 2011, Korean media reported that Sorabol was the first authentic Korean restaurant to be listed in the Michelin Guide

Sorabol pledges to continue to be a faithful ambassador on authentic Korean cuisine.

We use ingredients that are imported and delivered from Korea and organic vegetables raised locally in our own Sorabol Farm located in the mountains of Huizhou, China. Our Korean chef personally maintains the quality and taste for which Sorabol is famous for. Our priority is the enjoyment and health of our customer.