Gift Cards

We have gift cards which are excellent for all occasions.
Gift cards are redeemable at any Sorabol location in Hong Kong and China.


ㅁ It is an excellent corporate gift to show your appreciation.

ㅁ The Galbi Gift Boxes (medium and large) are very popular among foreigners. You can find Galbi Gift Boxes in all Sorabol locations. Cash cards (HKD 500/ HKD 300/ HKD 100/ LMB 500/ LMB 300/ LMB 200/ LMB 100) are available in all of the Sorabol locations and may be used in any Sorabol locations.

ㅁ We offer a free delivery service to customers who purchase 10 or more Galbi Gift Boxes.

ㅁ Please send us any purchase inquiries to